Maintenance and Monitoring

Firewall Security Monitoring

Your firewall is the first security checkpoint into your business network.  It is the control gate for all traffic in and out.  Therefore, it is important that logging and other features are configured during the initial installation.

After installation configuration management, monitoring and updates are important to keep you network secure. 

Our firewalls report back to our network operations center for ongoing maintenance.

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Firewall Configuration

Install  firewall

BeCloud security technicians install the firewalls on your network

Configure firewall

 Our security professionals will configure firewall for least privilege or zero trust

Validate config

Port scans and vulnerability testing is ran against production devices


Firewalls are configured to alert and report back to our security operations team

Zero Trust

Advaced Firewall Configurations

Whether you need advanced configurations like a on-premise VPN connection to AWS resources or newer Zero Trust Configurations. BeCloud has the security professionals on staff that understand how to apply the latest technology advances against the constantly advancing threats.

Zero trust gives your business teams the flexibility to work anytime, anywhere from any device.

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Anytime, Anywhere Security

Next Generation Protection

NextGen Firewall configuration

NextGen firewalls allow us to better manage security risk, and improve operation efficiency

Advanced Firewall configuration

Options like Zero Trust enable advanced security while enabling remote work and mobile apps.

Firewall maintenance

Security is not set it and forget it.  We manage the updates and configurations to keep your environments secure.