of cyberattacks target small businesses
devices are compromised by ransomware every month
of small buinesses close their doors after a cyberattack
of users click attachements or links from attackers

Cloud and Managed Security Services

Layered Protection for Cybersecurity

When we first plug firewalls into the Internet, usually within five minutes the logs show connections trying to guess the admin password. Therefore, it's not a matter of if but when your network will come under attack! But not just the firewall. Application vulnerabilities, computer vulnerabilities and even weak user passwords and practices improve the chances of malicious actors gaining access to critical systems and data. That is why we deploy security measures at every level of your business networks through consistent monitoring and real time adaptation to threats.

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Built-in cybersecurity

Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) are increasingly leveled against Small Business.  They are sophisticated hacking techniques to gain access to systems.  Most Firewalls and AntiVirus solutions are not equipped to identify this kind of attack.  BeCloud's SecureIT Managed Service can monitor for APTs and notify security professionals in our Network Operations Center. Security professionals will take immediate action to remove them from your network. 

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