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Escape the Black Hole of Outdated Technology 

Overhaul Legacy Systems

Are outdated technology stacks costing your business?  Slow systems, data loss, and cybesecurity threats can lead to lost revenue and a tarnished reputation.                                                         

Our team, partners with you to fortify and streamline your technology systems, helping you lead with confidence and efficiency.

BeCloud helps your business take advantage of the latest cloud technological advancements with our four step process.  

Our process:

  1. Architectural Review: Identifying areas for technological enhancement in partnership with your team.
  2. Personalization: Creating customized solutions aligned with your business needs and budget.
  3. Implementation: Implementing secure, efficient, and scalable solutions to advance your business.
  4. Managed Services: Continously monitoring cost, performance, and security to optimize IT investments.

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Guaranteed turbocharged productivity 


Increase revenue

More than 70% of all SMBs report revenue growth due in part to digital tools 

Gain new efficiencies

"Imagine using a cellphone from 10 or even 5 years ago – yes, it could still make calls today, but think about the advanced features and efficiencies you'd miss. It's the same with old computers and on-premise servers; upgrading hardware and migrating to the cloud brings crucial modern capabilities"

Unleash Your Full Potential

Smash through Technology Barriers


Privacy and security concerns

31% of all SMBs report security concerns as a barrier to utilizing digital tools

Human Capital

45% of SMBs site a lack of skills, experience, access to training or time to learn as barriers to utilizing digital tools efficiently

Experience the power of  personalized solutions and exceptional service

Unique Support Experience
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BeCloud utilizes industry certified engineers with a dedication to customer satisfaction. No compromises are made when it comes to delighting and exceeding the expectations of our clients. In addition, our proactive internal processes and automation allow us to provide real customer solutions rather than quick Band-Aid fixes. 

We design custom Managed IT packages for all our clients based on our initial architecture reviews and discussions, we can provide a set of services tailored specifically for your use case.

Take advantage of real-time customer support to improve returns on all technology investments.

Discover Customer Driven IT 

Sick of IT draining your finances?

It's time to take control and turn IT into a profit center for your business! With our expert guidance, you can transform your IT from a costly expense into a powerful revenue driver. 

TURBOCHARGE workplace productivity!

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Proven Experience Target

Proven Experience

BeCloud has been serving customers for over a decade.  All our team members go through rigorous training.  When you work with our company, you can be sure you are in good hands.

Reliable Performance Laptop Computers

Reliable Performance

As your company grows, the IT demands will grow with it.  Our team of experts are always available to support your growing business needs.

Our solutions are made to improve business productivity

Maximize Work Output

We elevate your business technology, moving beyond basic setups to modern, cloud-based solutions. Our services are designed to meet today's business needs, ensuring minimal downtime, heightened security, streamlined remote connectivity and improved efficiency. Working alongside your IT and executive teams, we focus on making technology simple, efficient, and effective, ready to tackle the challenges of the digital era.

BeCloud's Expertise Includes:

Disaster recovery plans - a plan to recover your data if a force majeure situation occurs.

Hardware and software maintenance - to ensure security, safety, integrity, and the latest functionality.

Communications support - to ensure proper internal and external communication, using VOIP, Chat, Email, and Web conferencing.

Cloud support - assistance with cloud migration, operation, support, and maintenance.

IT consulting - timely advice and training for your internal IT team or employees.

Cybersecurity - data security services and minimizing the number of cyber threats.

Proactive support - monitoring the market and your equipment.

James Phipps (Owner)

"We're experts at turning technology challenges into opportunities for growth. From optimizing costs to mitigating security risks, we provide clear, powerful solutions to our customers. Our goal? To boost your business's efficiency and give you peace of mind in the rapidly changing digital world. In short, BeCloud gives you a competitive edge, driving your business to new heights."

Owner, President, CEO

James Phipps

Our experts handle all the technical details. You focus on running your business.

Are you interested in utilizing modern technologies to grow and support your business?  Maybe you need help migrating to the cloud or you have dreams of utilizing business intelligence dashboards and custom mobile web applications.  Give us a call! We can help your business achieve Digital Transformation!


"BeCloud has the best customer service around. I am always impressed by their speed in completing projects and their professionalism."
Nicole McLaughlin
 Executive Director
 Mississippi Access to Justice Commission
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"The entire team at Becloud is always highly responsive."


Andy Taggart
Taggart, Rimes & Wiggins, PLLC.
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"After reviewing our Internet and Voice bills, Becloud was able to decrease our monthly costs by 67% "

Eddie Carlisle
Senior Advisor,
 Principal Chief Compliance Officer

"BeCloud has really done a great job supporting Quinn Healthcare over the years and we really appreciate them."
Dr. Timothy Quinn
 Quinn Healthcare, PLLC.

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