Billion projected  spend in 2020 on RPA software
of Employee tasks are repetitive and could be candidates for RPA
of Automation opportunities are missed
of IT Departments  time is spent on basic Repetitive tasks

"Robotic process automation (or RPA) creates business process automation utilizing software robots or artificial intelligence (AI)"

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Invest in Automation

BeCloud uses RPA internally to deliver our services more efficiently and to improve customer satisfaction. RPA allows us to reduce errors and accomplish more with a streamlined staff.  We are now ready to transfer that expertise to our customers.  The same bot scripting technologies we use internally can be implemented to streamline customer EHR applications, Billing, Automated Contract Creation, and Human Resource work flows.  RPA's real world applications are too numerous to list.

We start with the customer – BeCloud helps organizations identify and exploit opportunities to streamline business processes with bots.

Bots are transforming business, by increasing workflow efficiency and accuracy.

No business is to small to take advantage of workflow efficiency!