Cloud Migration for Windows File Shares
Amazon FSX

Amazon FSx stores end-user files (office documents, media files, engineering files) accessed from Windows or Mac clients securely in the cloud.  The primary resources in Amazon FSX are file systems and backups.  A file system is where you store and access your files and folders.  FSx for Windows File Server backups are file-system-consistent, highly durable and incremental.


Fully managed SMB file shares built on Windows Server

Amazon FSx for Windows File Server fully supports Windows features such as Access Control Lists (ACLs), NTFS permissions, shadow copies, data deduplication, and user quotas to help you easily move your Windows file shares and home directories to AWS with minimal disruption. Amazon FSx integrates with your on-premises Microsoft Active Directory (AD) and DFS namespaces environment. Choose from SSD, HDD, Single-AZ, and Multi-AZ file systems. 

Reduce additional overhead and improve performance with local office caching

Amazon FSx File Gateway optimizes on-premises access to fully managed, highly reliable file shares in Amazon FSx for Windows File Server to meet low-latency requirements. Amazon FSx File Gateway accelerates your file-based storage migration to the cloud while meeting your on-premises file needs and enables faster performance, improved data protection, and reduced cost.

Enhanced data protection

Customers benefit from protected, resilient, fully managed file systems with Single-AZ and Multi-AZ deployment options. Leverage Microsoft Shadow Copies for local snapshots and file and folder level recovery. Leverage AWS Backup for centralized backup and retention to Amazon S3 with automated, crash-consistent backups that can be optionally replicated across AWS accounts and regions.


Migrate your file servers to the cloud

Gain cloud benefits such as enhanced data protection and improved performance today!

James Phipps 3 November, 2021
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