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for first 5 users
(each add'l user $2.00 ea)

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per month,
for first 5 users
(each add'l user $6.00 ea)

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Disk Space per Address 1 GB 5 GB 5 GB


Mail Filters
Out of Office Reply
New Mail Notification
AJAX Email, Address Book, Calendar, Task, & Briefcase app
Advanced search and file indexing for large inboxes
Zimbra Desktop for Windows, Mac and Linux
CardDAV, iCal and CalDAV for contacts and calendars
Microsoft Outlook Email, Contact, Calendar and Task sync
AJAX Mobile Web Browser
iPhone Email, Contact, Calendar sync
Windows Mobile and other smartphone Email, Contact, Calendar, Task sync
BlackBerry Email, Contact, Calendar sync

Configurable Options

Additional Email Accounts $2.00 each $6.00 each $9.00 each
5GBs of Additional Storage $3.00 each $3.00 each $3.00 each
Postini Premium Spam & Virus Filtering $2.00 each $2.00 each $2.00 each
Postini 1 Year Email Archiving $3.00 each $3.00 each $3.00 each
Postini 10 Year Email Archiving $5.00 each $5.00 each $5.00 each
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